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KonRob is an ambicultural, bicultural, intercultural, multicultural, F.U.B.U., Digital Architectural Company - but we call ourselves a “Creative Agency” because, quite frankly, it’s easier to digest. As a company, we help Visionaries develop strategies and business models to improve their digital positioning. Through M&A, Joint Ventures (JVs) and Strategic Partnerships we provide the fastest strategic route to digital transformation and growth. We offer operational reorganization through modeling, planning, and implementation. As Creative Engineers, we guide your digital transformation which can turn digital value drivers and business model patterns into powerful instruments to systematize your digital business capital, strategy, and design. We have the ability to identify and evaluate all business assets because we designed them. The time has come for you to #StreamYourDream.

Remember, KonRob’s experimental attitude and willful protest against traditionality is not a protest for its own sake: It is a purposeful expression of our constant search for creative responsibility and overall business improvement.  We are an emotional-intelligence based company and human AF.


 Don’t waste time. Do what you see yourself doing in the future, NOW.

We build powerful frameworks that companies can use to develop a digital vision and build innovative business models based on digital opportunities. The reality is that many great companies will go abandoned or undiscovered due to their lack of digital transformation. Improving business and human experiences go hand-in-hand. The time has come for all businesses to reimagine their vision.

Our crème de la crème data scientists specialize in human-centered user experiences across digital product innovation and inventive marketing. Data visualization and communication helps our partners renew their relationships with their patrons. Our science helps businesses make better decisions that can significantly contribute to their overall long-term goals and financial value.

Design is to business as what evolution is to nature: it enables brands to change and survive. The best design today embraces this new reality. We engineer all designs to create a space for joy and seduction. We believe that human-centered design is the answer to all business solutions.

Oftentimes, implementation of production can be compromised due to quick turnarounds and having multiple chefs in the kitchen. Without a consistent strategy and workflow – productions can turn into a Stephen King novel. We craft our productions to ensure that the patrons’ experience has the utmost quality and integrity.


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